Breakdown of all-India crude production April-August, 2000

Vol 4, PW 20 (08 Nov 00) News in Brief

More than 12% of India's crude production comes form the private sector - and the figure is growing.

That's according to oil ministry figures that detail crude oil production in India in the five months between April 1st and August 31st. Company/Area of India Production Percentage of total (ONGC) (10.475m tonnes) (77.35%) ---Gujarat fields 2.417m tonnes 17.84% ---Assam/Nagaland 846,000 tonnes 6.25% ---Tamil Nadu/Andhra Pradesh 252,000 tonnes 1.86% ---Bombay High 6.96m tonnes 51.4% Oil India 1.373m tonnes 10.14% Private/Joint Venture companies 1.694m tonnes 12.51% Total Production 13.542m tonnes 100% (Source: Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas)