Boost for Ennore LNG project

Vol 4, PW 22 (16 Dec 00) News in Brief

Figures released by CRISIL (Credit Rating Information Service of India) reveal that the proposed 2.5m t/y LNG and 1,850-MW power project at Ennore in Tamil Nadu has the lowest proposed electricity tariff in the state.

Tamil Nadu Electricity Board commissioned CRISIL to rank projects in order of merit ahead of escrow allocation. Project Scenario 1* Scenario 2** Ennore Rs2.76 KW/H Rs3.937 KW/H Jayamkondan Rs3.22 KW/H Rs3.881 Videocon Rs4.072 KW/H Rs5.803 *Scenario 1: assumes rupee depreciation of 3% per annum and annual inflation of 5.5% ** Scenario 2: assumes rupee depreciation of 6% per annum and annual inflation of 8.5%