Table: Small and marginal fields under consideration at ONGC

Vol 4, PW 2 (01 Mar 00) Exploration & Production

Most of ONGC's attention will naturally fall on the Category 'A' fields where potential is highest." A concerted effort is required to implement the actions identified." But even in areas where potential is low, such as the 7 Category 'C' fields in Gujarat (Mahi-High, S.

Malpur, Elao, Bankia, Kharatar, Gotaru, Bakri-Tibba), ONGC has not given up entirely. "Although not attractive, some action has been identified for direct marketing of gas in the Rajasthan sector." Category 'A' fields under consideration for development by the board at ONGC SRBC WRBC ERBC Rangapuram* Kudara-Sunaokhard Kurgaon (!) Enugupalli* Palej Sonari (!) Mummidivaram* Pakhajan Namti (!) Kaza* Siswa Bhubandar (!) Mahadevpatnam* Halisa Napamua (!) Nandigama** Wadasma Uriamghat (!) Perungulam** Akhaj Ramnavalasi** Periyapattnam** Kuthalam** GS-15 ($) GS-23 ($) *ONGC clarifies that it is at "an advanced stage of marketing", but that it is "awaiting action at the consumer end," confirming reports that local end users in Tamil Nadu are in breach of gas offtake contracts.

**In partnership with GAIL and scheduled for gas offtake by 2002 ($) Gas offtake scheduled for May 2000 (!) Testing and workover underway, drilling and seismic planned till end 2001 Category 'B' fields identified for exploitation WRBC ERBC Vatrak Hilara Gamanpura Tynphy S.Patan Charaideo W.

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