More encouraging figures from ONGC (South)

Vol 4, PW 1 (16 Feb 00) Exploration & Production

Theres more good news for ONGC from its operations in southern India.

An internal memo circulating at the Chennai regional office of the Southern Regional Business Centre (SRBC) reveals no let up in the dramatic surge of oil and gas production from the Krishna Godavari and Cauvery basins. The memo reveals that by 5th February this year ONGC had already surpassed its annual target of gas production from the region by 1.2bn cubic metres.

The note said crude oil and reserve accretion targets for the year have also been met two months ahead of time. By 17th January, reveals the memo, ONGC had achieved its annual drilling target of 90,450 metres also two months ahead of time.

The note reveals that in January this year the following three wells were completed: KVAD-3 (exploratory) Krishna Godavari onshore RVAC 2 (exploratory) Cauvery onshore KPDD 27 (development) Cauvery onshore The note goes on to paint an encouraging picture of a region where ONGC appears to have no shortage of plays to concentrate the mind. The following seven exploration wells were completed in December last year: MDAE-21 (Krishna Godavari onshore) KWAG-9-D (Krishna Godavari onshore) LSAA-1-D (Krishna Godavari onshore) SIAA-1-D (Krishna Godavari onshore) KIAB-2 (Cauvery onshore) KZAD-3 (Cauvery onshore) ASAA-1 (Cauvery onshore) Interestingly, the note reveals that ONGC plans to use Measurement While Drilling (MWD) tools for the first time when it proceeds with drilling at the offshore location GS-49-AA.

It is further revealed that GS-49-AA is to be drilled from land point from rig E-1400-20, which was moved from SIAA-1 to GS-49-AA (a distance of 55 km) in eight days. In December, Rig E-1400-17 of the Krishna Godavari project moved from AVAA-1-D to the development well PSP-19A-D in four days.

Also, Rig E-760-16 of Cauvery project drilled the highest metreage of 2,100 metres during the month at the development well KPDD-27.

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