Oil imports affected at quake-hit Kandla Port

Vol 4, PW 26 (14 Feb 01) Midstream & Downstream

Located less than 100-km from the earthquakes epicentre at Bhuj, the Gujarat port of Kandla, which handles 18% of India's imports, most of it petroleum products, suffered massive damage.

A government statement on 7th February said the port is operating at only 40% capacity, following damage to several oil import jetties. On 26th January, day of the quake, port authorities declared 'Force Majeure' and closed operations for nine days.

An inspection team from the Indian Institute of Technology in Chennai, accompanied by officials from the Ministry of Surface Transport in Delhi, later issued the following damage report: Circular cracks developed in cargo berth No.1 to 5.

Cargo berth No.6-8 in good condition Oil Jetty No.

1 is badly damaged. Pipeline of oil jetty No.

4 damaged. Oil jetty No.

2-6 can be used after pipeline testing Horizontal separation seen across the 'Apron' at the expansion joints Oil jetty No.1 and cargo berths 1-5 can be used only after experts submit their final report Damage to maintenance and berthing jetties Damage to control tower building and new block of administrative building Out of 24 warehouses, five are damaged Port buildings at Gandhidham, Kandla and Vadinar have developed cracks No damage to ships No damage to port crafts Port Operation at Vadinar has not been affected by the quake Local authorities released the following breakdown of financial damage to Kandla Residential buildings - Rs345 lakhs ($759,000) Non residential buildings - Rs2,570 lakhs ($5.65m) Roads Rs285 lakhs ($627,000) Jetties - Rs1,240 lakhs ($2.72m) Electrical installation Rs110 lakhs ($242,000) Water supply and drainage - Rs65 lakhs ($143,000) Pipelines- Rs225 lakhs ($495,000) TOTAL DAMAGE: Rs48cr ($1.064bn