Official approval for 23 awards from NELP-II

Vol 5, PW 8 (06 Jun 01) Exploration & Production

You read it here first! On Thursday 31st May the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs chaired by prime minister Atal Behari Vajpayee confirmed what we reported two weeks ago: ONGC has won 16 blocks from the last round of NELP; Reliance has won four, while Gujarat Petroleum, Oil India and Niko Resources have won one each, making a total of 23 awards out of 25 offered.

See below: Name of block Name of successful bidder Twelve blocks that received multiple bids CB-ONN-2000/1 Gujarat Petroleum/GAIL/Joshi Technologies CB-ONN-2000/2 Niko Resources CY-OSN-2000/2 ONGC MB-OSN-2000/1 ONGC/Indian Oil/Gujarat Petroleum WB-OSN-2000/1 ONGC/Indian Oil GS-DWN-2000/1 ONGC GS-DWN-2000/2 ONGC/GAIL KK-DWN-2000/2 ONGC/GAIL KK-DWN-2000/4 ONGC MB-DWN-2000/1 ONGC/Indian Oil AS-ONN-2000/1 Reliance/Hardy MB-DWN-2000/2 ONGC/Indian Oil/GAIL/Oil India/Gujarat Petroleum Eleven blocks that received single bids MN-ONN-2000/1 Oil India/ONGC/Indian Oil/GAIL RJ-ONN-2000/1 Oil India WB-ONN-2000/1 ONGC/Indian Oil CY-OSN-2000/1 Reliance/Hardy GS-OSN-2000/1 ONGC KK-OSN-2000/1 ONGC MN-OSN-2000/2 ONGC/Indian Oil/GAIL/Oil India KK-DWN-2000/1 Reliance/Hardy KK-DWN-2000/3 Reliance/Hardy GV-ONN-2000/1 ONGC (Source: Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas)