A list of who bid for what block under NELP-II

Vol 5, PW 4 (11 Apr 01) Exploration & Production

Below is the full list of who bid for what block.

Please don't cut and paste it to non-subscribers. Anyone that wishes to take a subscription to Petrowatch-India can contact: editor@petrowatch.com Block Bidders GS-OSN-2000-1 Reliance-Hardy Oil India MB-OSN-2000-1 ONGC-Indian Oil-Gujarat Petroleum Reliance-Hardy Cairn Energy Niko KK-OSN-2000-1 ONGC CY-OSN-2000-1 ONGC CY-OSN-2000-2 ONGC Reliance-Hardy MN-OSN-2000-1 ONGC MN-OSN-2000-2 ONGC-Oil India-Indian Oil-GAIL WB-OSN-2000-1 ONGC-Indian Oil Niko Reliance-Hardy WB-ONN-2000-1 ONGC-Indian Oil PA-ONN-2000-1 No Bids GV-ONN-2000-1 ONGC-Indian Oil VN-ONN-2000-1 No Bids RJ-ONN-2000-1 Oil India CB-ONN-2000-1 Petrom Hindustan Oil-Heramec ONGC-Indian Oil Oil India Reliance-Hardy Gujarat Petroleum-GAIL-Joshi Technologies CB-ONN-2000-2 ONGC Niko Reliance-Hardy Gujarat Petroleum-Joshi Technologies MN-ONN-2000-1 ONGC-Oil India-Indian Oil-GAIL AS-ONN-2000-1 Oil India Reliance-Hardy D1 ONGC Reliance-Hardy D2 Reliance-Hardy ONGC-GAIL D3 Reliance-Hardy ONGC-Indian Oil D4 Reliance-Hardy ONGC-Oil India-Indian Oil-GAIL-Gujarat Petroleum D5 Reliance-Hardy Oil India D6 Reliance-Hardy ONGC-GAIL D7 Reliance-Hardy D8 Reliance-Hardy ONGC