DGH applauds Cairn's oil discovery at RJ-ON-90/1

Vol 5, PW 20 (21 Nov 01) Exploration & Production

DGH officials are quietly jubilant at Cairn Energy's series of oil discoveries at RJ-ON-90/1.

A senior DGH source tells PETROWATCH that a third and final 'drill stem test' at prospect 'H' on the block struck oil on 16th November. "The third test at a perforated interval of 25 metres (between 1,442 metres and 1,467 metres depth) flowed 1,455 b/d oil of 42 degrees API." On 19th November Cairn informed the London Stock Exchange the third test produced a stabilised flow rate of 1,400 b/d and 150,000 cf/d on a three-quarter inch choke.

Our source said: "It looks to be a commercially viable find." He adds: "The oil is of very good quality, much lighter than Bombay High. The third test was in the shallower area of the main horizon.

This is a remarkable achievement - way ahead of international exploration records." On 12th November Cairn announced it had struck oil at prospect 'H' with its exploration well RJ-H-1, located 50 km north of the 1999 Guda-2 oil discovery. "The well was directionally drilled to a total depth of 1,837 metres and encountered several hydrocarbon bearing units below 1,400 metres.

The first drill stem test in fractured basement produced formation water. The second test, carried out on a sand with a gross perforated interval of 27 metres produced a stabilised flow rate of 620 b/d of 41 degrees API oil on a half-inch choke." We are told that such flow rates are "very good" for onland blocks in India, as the average flow rate from an Assam oil well is 300 b/d.

Cairn added that "initial combined reserves for the two successfully tested intervals are estimated to be in the range of 20m to 40m barrels of oil."

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