Oil and gas fact sheet from Gujarat

Vol 5, PW 23 (16 Jan 02) News in Brief

Gujarat has a prominent place on the oil and gas map of India.

ONGC started mapping the state's hydrocarbon potential in 1956. Today, it operates 70 oil and gasfields, while private parties operate 21.

We learn that average oil production per well is 7.86 tonnes a day (approx: 60 barrels a day). Between 1997-2002 ONGC will have shot 6,046-line kilometres 2D and 1,836 sq kilometres 3D.

In addition, 248 exploratory wells and 435 development wells have been drilled. What are the new hydrocarbon finds in Gujarat during this period Vatrak (oil) in 1997-98, Anklav and north Sarbhan (both oil), Akholjuni, Sadra (both oil) and Chaklasi and Katpur (both gas) in 2001-02.