More progress for LNG terminal in Dahej

Vol 6, PW 2 (27 Mar 02) Midstream & Downstream

BELIEVE IT OR not Petronet-LNG claims that construction work at its 5m t/y LNG plant at Dahej is proceeding ahead of schedule.

Earlier delays, according to the company, have been reversed. A progress card for February detailing work till 9th March reveals that construction of the two LNG tanks is one week ahead of schedule, despite work stoppages on 28th February and 1st March.

Actual progress for February was 25.8% against a target of 25.1%. More than half the outer walls of the first LNG tank and about a third of the outer wall of the second LNG tank have also been completed.

Also, the roof structure assembly and bottom liner erection for the first tank is complete. For the second tank, "19 out of 24 roof structure assembly" and "213 out of 297 bottom liner erection" for the second tank have been completed.

About 85% of the site grading work has been done and so has more than half the road construction within the plant. In addition: 177 out of 536 piles for the jetty completed 56 piles driven for approach trestle 32 out of 147 capping beams have been pre cast, 190 out of 850 roadway deck slabs have been pre cast and 69 out of 361 pre-stressed beam castings completed and so have 92 out of 809 in-situ joints of deck slab 213,000 tonnes out of 22,50,000 tonnes of rocks have been broken up and transported to Bhavnagar harbour for the breakwater Work at the RasGas liquefaction ('Train 3') plant in Qatar is also ahead of schedule - 33.6% as against the target of 33%.

We learn separately that RasGas has raised several issues on the draft Gas Sales Purchase Agreement 'initialled' on 8th February by Petronet LNG, IOC, GAIL and Bharat Petroleum. A Notice Inviting Tender for pre-qualification of the port operator was published on 15th February and pre-qualification documents have been on sale since 18th February.

Bidders have until 2nd April to submit offers.