GAIL sells 62.56cm/d gas in May

Vol 6, PW 10 (17 Jul 02) News in Brief

Month after month, GAIL's sales performance bears out the fact that in India demand for gas far outstrips supply.

Gas sales in May were 62.56m cm/d, up from the MoU target of 62.17m cm/d. Of this, 21.7m cm/d was to the fertiliser sector, 23.6m cm/d to the power sector and the balance to sponge iron and other sectors.

GAIL's progress report for May also mentions that it has finalised a policy for allocation of gas from isolated fields and has made a presentation to the fertiliser secretary on the "economics of LNG supply to fertiliser plants." Also finalised are changes in the billing and payment provisions in GAIL's gas supply contracts. GAIL also states that the following pipeline construction projects are on schedule: HBJ upgrade project (Phase-I); KG basin pipeline projects (Phase-II); Vizag-Secunderabad LPG pipeline; Kandla-Samakhiali LPG pipeline; Agra-Ferozabad city gas distribution; Jhabua compressor revamp.