Warm response to new ONGC transfer policy

Vol 27, PW 10 (16 May 24) People & Policy

Unlike his 2023 policy, ONGC chairman Arun Kumar Singh's new 2024 job rotation and transfer policy is getting a warmer reception.

An ONGC source tells us the new policy streamlines the transfer process and replaces the previous mainly arbitrary one. "There's a level playing field now, ending favouritism," he stresses.

On April 10 (2024), general manager corporate policy Vaskar Barai released an eight-page order regulating transfers from the E1 (assistant executive engineer) to the E6 (general manager) level. Five days later, on April 15 (2024), ONGC announced nearly 2000 transfers.

E1 is the entry-level, and ONGC officers can rise to E9 (ED), just below the board. Approved by the board on April 5 (2024), the policy will be implemented "with immediate effect."

E1 to E6 officers with at least ten years in a particular location over their career, in one stretch or multiple stretches, must be transferred out. However, if the most recent posting at this location has lasted less than three years, then the officer must be allowed to complete three years unless there are other compelling reasons to transfer him or her out.

Similarly, executives on floater rigs will be moved out after 12 years, but only if they have completed their entire tour of duty on the rig. Officers at the E1 to E4 (chief manager) level already posted to OVL in Delhi must not spend more than five years at a stretch there and no more than ten years over their career.

No new E1 to E4 executives will be posted at ONGC or OVL's offices in Delhi (except in some categories) to ensure executives gain field experience. Only two E1 to E4 level officers with a marketing background will be allowed in OVL's marketing section.

And no E1 to E4 geology or geophysics officers must be posted to OVL. Officers who have chosen to work in the northeast will not be transferred until they complete six years there.

Also safe from transfers are officers with exemptions because their children are in years 10 and 12 and officers who have two years to retire - unless the transfer is on "administrative grounds." ONGC will consider requests for or against transfers on medical grounds by executives with spouses and dependent children, unmarried executives with parents, and executives whose children have special needs.