[Clarification received from Jio-bp on 7 May 2024] 

Dear Mr Mahajan,

This refers to a story published in Petrowatch on 2 May 2024. 

On 24 April, I received an email from Mr Madhu regarding a story he was working on. On 25 May, I responded to all his queries. Despite giving him all the correct information, the facts published regarding dealer sentiment, commissions, and fuel temperature paint an incorrect picture and tarnish the brand’s reputation.

I highlighted the inaccuracies mentioned above to Mr Madhu earlier over a call and requested for this inaccurate story to be modified or deleted. Please note that:

1 Talking of “unhappy dealers” that you mentioned in your story, please note that the wellbeing of channel partners is of utmost importance to Jio-bp. Our channel partners earn a higher margin in absolute terms as compared to any dealer of competition that you have mentioned.

One or two disgruntled dealers do not represent our entire family of channel partners, and such selective storytelling paints an incorrect picture. This is biased reporting and presents the brand in a bad light.

2 Regarding temperature variation, Jio-bp is the only Oil Marketing Company that has adopted a robust Temperature Variation Allowance methodology based on scientific principles to ensure dealers are not out-of-pocket. To minimize the impact of temperature variation between supply points and mobility stations, all temperature variation calculations are done at a uniform base of 15 degrees Celsius at the supply and delivery location.

We find this news report, including the headline, misleading, defamatory, and damaging to Jio-bp’s brand image. Since you are quoting dealers as a source for falsified information, it is only prudent that you let us know which dealers you are referring to.

Most importantly, in order to make the facts clear to your readers, please issue a corrigendum and rectify or remove the story online as well.


Pratiksha Thakur