List of 19 marginal fields on offer from ONGC

Vol 7, PW 4 (07 May 03) Exploration & Production

LOOK AT the list of ONGC's 19 onland marginal fields to understand why it prefers to sub-contract any development.

By ONGC's own admission, three of them have no recoverable reserves. For the rest, recoverable reserves are truly marginal, raising questions about whether they are worth an investment.

See below: In place and recoverable reserves in 19 ONGC marginal onland oil and gas fields State Field In place reserves Recoverable reserves Oil/gas Assam Nahorhabi 1.72m tonnes 0.27m tonnes Oil Hilara 0.04m tonnes 0.01m tonnes Oil Barsilla 3.11m tonnes Nil Oil Laxmijan 3.72m tonnes Nil Oil Bihubar 0.58m tonnes Nil Oil Gujarat West Bechraji 0.74m tonnes 0.07m tonnes Oil Khambel 0.10m tonnes 0.01m tonnes Oil South Patan 0.44m tonnes 0.04m tonnes Oil Hirapur 0.15m tonnes 0.01m tonnes Oil Kamboi 0.12m tonnes 0.01m tonnes Oil Andhra Pradesh Magatapalli 0.03bn cubic metres 0.019bn cubic metres Gas Mulkipalli 0.47bn cubic metres 0.05bn cubic metres Gas Rajasthan Bhakri Tibba 0.06bn cubic metres 0.03bn cubic metres Gas Sadewala 0.04bn cubic metres 0.02bn cubic metres Gas Bankia 0.15bn cubic metres 0.04bn cubic metres Gas Ghotaru 0.97bn cubic metres 0.66bn cubic metres Gas Kharatar 0.3bn cubic metres 0.17bn cubic metres Gas Tamil Nadu Attikadai 0.16bn cubic metres 0.1bn cubic metres Gas Neyveli 0.03bn cubic metres 0.01bn cubic metres Gas