Reliance readies R-Cluster wells for production

Vol 23, PW 2 (14 Nov 19) News in Brief

Schlumberger subsidiary OneSubsea has begun upper completions of four wells in the deepwater R-Cluster fields within the KG-DWN-98/3 (KG-D6) permit where Reliance and partner BP are preparing to produce up to 7m cm/d beginning May 2020.

After tests from mid-October at Kakinada, subsea equipment supplier OneSubsea installed four of six X-Mas trees on the wells between November 1 and 7 in water depths of 1800 metres using Transocean deepwater drillship DD-KG2. After installing the X-Mas trees, OneSubsea began upper completions with the same rig.

Each of these completions, we hear, will take between 25-30 days. After each completion, subsea installation contractor McDermott International will link the well to the subsea evacuation system and then to the existing control and riser platform.

Reliance awaits two more X-Mas trees from OneSubsea for the total six R-Cluster wells where lower completions were carried out in June 2019. Reliance-BP are also preparing to receive bids for up to 5m cm/d from the fields on November 15, postponed from the earlier November 6 deadline.

  A X-Mas tree is a vertically stacked assembly of valves installed on a wellhead mainly to control the outflow of hydrocarbons.