Anti-pollution opportunity for IOAGPL in NCR

Vol 23, PW 2 (14 Nov 19) Midstream & Downstream

Worried residents of Delhi and surrounding areas rightly complain about unprecedented pollution levels.

But for IndianOil Adani Gas (IOAGPL) the government's anti-pollution efforts in the expanding 'National Capital Region' are a business opportunity as factories and businesses shift to cleaner burning gas in Bulandshahr, Hathras and Aligarh towns near Delhi, won by IOAGPL in CGD-VIII and IX where work has begun to lay steel pipelines, set up CNG stations and connect factories, businesses and homes. "In October we started laying an 8-inch diameter, 50-km steel pipeline from a GAIL 'tap-off' in the Shivali area to the Sikandrabad industrial cluster in the (2108-sq km) portion of Bulandshahr we won in CGD-VIII," reports an IOAGPL source.

Gas supplies to paint, steel, food products and other factories in the Sikandrabad industrial cluster are slated to begin from February 2020. IOAGPL won the remaining portion of Bulandshahr plus Aligarh and Hathras (total area: 6936.50-sq km) in CGD-IX.

"From this single (Shivali) 'tap-off' we can supply this entire area." Next month (December) IOAGPL will begin laying an 8-inch diameter, 70-km steel pipeline from Shivali to Aligarh and Hathras.

In April, it began CNG supplies in Bulandshahr from an IndianOil petrol station in the Krantiveer area, using a tap-off from an old gas pipeline in the pottery manufacturing town of Khurja where IOAGPL promoter Adani Gas has a CGD network. From the Krantiveer CNG station, IOAGPL is now selling 11,000-kg/day of CNG.