Gas-fired drilling rigs for ONGC

Vol 21, PW 3 (02 Nov 17) News in Brief

ONGC's Ankleshwar asset has hit upon a novel idea to save money - use gas to fuel rigs instead of diesel! A source at the Ankleshwar asset says it wants to pilot the proposal with its five drilling rigs as well as 19 diesel engines each with a 1250-hp capacity.

"We have our own gas source," he says. "So we have decided to use available gas at 260-kg cm2 for the rigs.

On average a rig uses 10,000 litres/day of diesel but by using gas we can bring consumption down to the equivalent of 4000 litres/day, saving a lot of money." ONGC adds it has received a good response to its notice issued end-August inviting EoIs from contractors who can transport gas as CNG in cylinders mounted on the backs of truck to wherever the rigs are stationed, within a 100-km radius. ONGC met "four or five" contractors in October and is collecting price quotations.

"We need at least three quotes," our source said. "Based on these, we will prepare cost estimates for our management's approval.

Tenders will be issued if the project is approved." Contracts could last three to five years.

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