Petronet-LNG re-hires RK Garg

Vol 20, PW 23 (10 Aug 17) News in Brief

In a surprise move, Petronet-LNG has re-hired its former director finance RK Garg as Advisor (Commercial) just days after the appointment of his successor Subhash Kumar.

"Very surprising Garg has been given this role," says a source. "Until now Petronet-LNG didn't have an 'advisor' position." Aged 61, Garg's application for an extension as Petronet-LNG director finance until retirement at 65 was blocked by oil secretary KD Tripathi.

In his new role Garg will continue to enjoy the same benefits as a company director plus the use of a company car and an impressive monthly fee of Rs4 lakhs ($6000). Wasting no time, Garg has updated his LinkedIn profile ( with his new position.

In July, Petronet-LNG also promoted Garg's former subordinate and protege Pankaj Wadhwa to the key position of Business Head - Commercial & Marketing. Together, Garg and Kumar will oversee business development as before, side-lining Kumar who formally joined Petronet-LNG as director finance on August 4, but whose role will now be restricted to number crunching.

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