All eyes on BKDB-A well in Assam

Vol 20, PW 16 (04 May 17) News in Brief

ONGC has pushed back drilling plans at the highly promising BKDB-A development well at the 15-sq km Banaskandi gasfield ring-fenced inside former Tullow operated AA-ONJ/2 in Assam.

On April 19, ONGC blamed, "unavoidable circumstances" behind its request for a 12-month extension to the Terms of Reference (TOR) for environment clearance which expired on April 24. Among these is, "late submission of the EIA report" by Gurgaon-based consultant SGS India and delays in, "public hearing proceedings" by Assam pollution control bodies.

Local industries can expect a mini bonanza from well BKDB-A at Dhonehary village in Cachar. With a predicted 15-year lifespan, production will start at 25,000 cm/d rising to 75,000 cm/d by year-four, according to an (March 30, 2016) EIA study.

Expect production to plateau at 75,000 cm/d for five years before dropping to 35,000 cm/d at the end of the well's life. Using a standard land rig, well BKDB-A will be drilled to 3000 metres TD over four to five months at a cost of around Rs30cr.

Also planned is a 35-km pipeline to a nearby Gas Collection Station (GCS).