Another 2 years for R. Singh at P-LNG

Vol 20, PW 16 (04 May 17) News in Brief

Petronet-LNG director technical Rajender Singh will stay on at his present job for only two more years because oil secretary KD Tripathi believes no director should get more than one full-term of five years.

Singh completes his first five-year term in November 2017 but in April he won a two-year extension from Petronet-LNG's board headed by oil secretary Tripathi. As Singh will only be 58 in November he was actually hoping for a five-year extension.

The official retirement age at the company is 65. "But Singh was only given an extension till age 60," we hear.

"Tripathi told the board that one five-year term is enough for directors." Singh began his current assignment on November 14, 2012. Petronet-LNG director finance RK Garg similarly only received a one-year extension to his five-year term which ended on July 20 last year (2016).

And Garg won the extension, we hear, only because the Board didn't feel it had enough time to search for his replacement. Petronet-LNG is now evaluating CVs received by March 21 from candidates hoping to replace Garg.

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