Beware 'fake' cop in ONGC job scam

Vol 20, PW 11 (23 Feb 17) News in Brief

Vadodara police have uncovered a major ONGC jobs for cash racket.

"So far we have complaints from 11 job applicants," a senior police officer tells this report. He adds the breakthrough came after police arrested alleged conman Rajesh Vyas, accused of extorting Rs14 lakhs ($21,000) from a shop owner by posing as a police officer.

ONGC job applicant Ravi Gurjar then filed a complaint against Vyas. Ten other young jobseekers were also asked by Vyas to pay between Rs3 and Rs6 lakhs ($4500 to $9000) for jobs at ONGC installations in Gujarat and were given typed appointment letters with ONGC's logo and full address.

"The paper quality used is very good," comments a police source. But all these appointment letters are fake.

Police have also recovered fake ID cards, logos, police uniforms, morphed photographs of Vyas in police uniform with Narendra Modi and home minister Rajnath Singh, and two guns from his Karelibaug residence in Vadodara. Vyas even gave a 30-minute interview in 2015 on a local TV channel posing as the deputy inspector general of police.