Sarraf installs Dell staff spy system

Vol 20, PW 9 (26 Jan 17) News in Brief

Think of George Orwell's novel 1984 and 'Big Brother' DK Sarraf will soon be closely monitoring the movement of all ONGC employees in an effort to introduce more 'discipline'.

PETROWATCH learns ONGC has introduced a smart card system for its employees to track their movements in Delhi office and beyond. "Sarraf held a meeting to discuss smart cards earlier this month (January)," confirms an ONGC staffer.

"He was very excited!" Installed by US giant Dell, the new system will monitor ONGC officers the moment they enter the office, go to the cafeteria or to other floors to meet people they shouldn't be meeting, for example contractors asking for favours. "The system is connected to a central server," he adds.

"Even if an employee goes to any other ONGC office in India he will remain under surveillance." Ostensibly introduced to instill discipline, the new system will also track ONGC employees who travel from the Delhi office to Mumbai or other places but don't report for duty as required. "This system will end that!" we learn.

ONGC has over 33,000 employees.