All the signs good for next CGD bid round

Vol 20, PW 6 (01 Dec 16) Midstream & Downstream

Here's news to please the PNGRB: at least two gas retailers, Positron Energy and Haryana City Gas, are excited about seven areas offered under the eighth gas licensing round, announced on November 22 with bids due on January 23, 2017.

Positron tells us it is interested in South Goa, Kolhapur, Bulandshahr and Yanam. "But we have yet to evaluate the potential and gas connectivity of these areas," we hear.

South Goa with a population of 640,000 is known for its natural beauty, with areas of jungle and sandy beaches popular with tourists. Hotels and restaurants have good gas demand making this city one of the biggest attractions in the round.

Another attractive proposition is Kolhapur in Maharashtra, with the highest population of any city on offer at 3.9m. This city is famous for producing Kolhapuri slippers hand-crafted from buffalo leather and also has nearly 300 foundries.

Yanam, a district in union territory Puducherry with a population of 55,000, is a popular tourist destination and a French colony for 200 years. Bulandshahr with a population of 235,000 is known for its ancient ruins.

Haryana City Gas is interested in Karnal and the combined Ambala and Kurukshetra area. Karnal is being developed as a 'smart city' to attract migrants as an alternative to Delhi.

Ambala has a large army and air-force presence and is a major producer of scientific and surgical instruments.