GSPC wants well solutions

Vol 20, PW 1 (22 Sep 16) News in Brief

GSPC is scouting for slickline and bottom hole service providers to carry out well interventions at four producing Cambay basin blocks in Gujarat: CB-ONN-2000/1, CB-ON/2 (Tarapur), CB-ONN-2002/3 (Sanand Miroli) and CB-ONN-2003/2 (Ankleshwar).

Bids are due by October 10. "We need the services on a callout basis," says a GSPC source.

Slickline is a type of well intervention used to mitigate well operation problems. For instance if there is a scale deposit on the well casing then under slickline steam is released to loosen the scale deposits.

GSPC is hoping to ramp up production at the four blocks with the well intervention techniques. At the Tarapur Development #1 field it aims to increase oil production from 63 b/d to 1300 b/d and gas production from 10,800 cm/d to over 70,000 cm/d.

Expected to bid are Halliburton, Abu Dhabi-based Almansoori, SGS, Baker Hughes, Techno Canada and Schlumberger which is already doing a fracking job at Tarapur well TA6#A5. Bids will be evaluated based on price, equipment, personnel and timely delivery.