Gurgaon land hurdle for Haryana Gas expansion

Vol 19, PW 17 (05 May 16) Midstream & Downstream

Things are looking bright for Haryana City Gas in Gurgaon, its core area of activity, despite the stress of a bitter legal battle with the PNGRB over its claim to Rohtak, also in Haryana.

PETROWATCH learns Haryana Gas, promoted by electronic product manufacturer SKN-Bentex, set up in 1960, wants to double the number of CNG stations in Gurgaon from 10 to 20 by investing Rs80cr ($12m) in 2016-2017. "We built five CNG stations in the last financial year," confirms a company source.

"From five CNG stations in 2014-15 we are now operating 10 and that number will double by March next year." Nine online and one daughter booster stations operated by Haryana Gas in Gurgaon sell 114,000-kg/day CNG. "Gurgaon has the highest rate of vehicles converting to CNG in the NCR [National Capital Region]," he adds.

Helping the company is a Supreme Court order issued December 16, 2015 that all commercial vehicles in Gurgaon must convert to CNG by April 30, 2016. Land acquisition is the only hurdle in the company's target to add 10 CNG stations to its network.

"The Haryana government wants standalone CNG stations to be built only on 1500-sq metre plots," we hear. "Finding plots that big in Gurgaon isn't easy.

We've asked the state government to allow us to build stations on smaller plots of 1000 or 800-sq metres."