Tractebel protests against GAIL

Vol 19, PW 6 (19 Nov 15) News in Brief

GDF Suez group company Tractebel Engineering approached the oil ministry last month (October) in protest against GAIL’s decision to replace it as the Project Management Consultant (PMC) for a proposed gas pipeline from Jagdishpur in Uttar Pradesh to Haldia in West Bengal, passing through Bihar.

In June this year (2015) GAIL unexpectedly appointed state-owned MECON for the job, enraging Tractebel which was originally appointed PMC in January 2010 for the proposed 1800-km pipeline. “Tractebel has approached the Belgian embassy in India for help,” we hear, “and might explore legal options.

There's no word from the oil ministry.” Some now question the future of the pipeline after this month's BJP defeat in the Bihar assembly elections.

“GAIL shelved the project last year,” we hear. “But it was told to revive it to show the BJP’s commitment to Bihar.

” GAIL issued tenders to lay only a 270-km stretch from Dhobi to Patna, both in Bihar, in May this year.