Oil India sees promise at Aibawk-1 well

Vol 18, PW 24 (30 Jul 15) News in Brief

Oil India has seen positive indications at Aibawk-I (MZ-3) - its first exploration well at NELP-IV onland block MZ-ONN-2004/1 in Mizoram and is planning to test the well which was drilled to 4000 metres TD using a 2000-hp rig from driller JayBee Energy.

Spud on July 7, 2014, Oil India is targeting the hard rock Renji and Jenam geological formations. "Drilling is still on," confirmed an Oil India source on July 28.

"The well has been drilled to 4000 metres and will be drilled to 4500 metres as planned." Canadian service contractor Techno Canada has mobilised crew and equipment to test the well once drilling is completed. "Apart from testing," adds an industry source, "Techno Canada will also carry out well completion, bottom hole sampling and slickline services." Oil India has committed five wells in exploration Phase-I and will drill the second exploration well Keifang-I at location MZ-1 to 3500 metres TD.

A third exploration well will be drilled to 4000 metres.