Another 22 wells planned by ONGC at 3 blocks

Vol 18, PW 19 (21 May 15) Exploration & Production

ONGC is in a drilling frenzy in Gujarat as it tries to meet Narendra Modi’s target to reduce India’s dependence on oil imports.

In our last edition we reported how ONGC is planning 29 exploration wells at its Mehsana asset. Now we hear ONGC is planning a 22-well exploration campaign across three NELP-IX onland blocks: CB-ONN-2010/1, CB-ONN-2010/6 and CB-ONN-2010/9.

In preparation for the Rs350cr ($55m) campaign, ONGC has fixed dates for public hearings at CB-ONN-2010/6 on June 6 at Nadri village in Gandhinagar’s Kalol area; at CB-ONN-2010/1 on June 17 at Kotarvada village of Banaskantha bordering Rajasthan; and at CB-ONN-2010/9 on June 19 at Nani Devti village of Sanand near Ahmedabad. “After submitting the hearing reports," ONGC tells us, optimistically, "we should get environment ministry clearance by early October.

" ONGC plans to drill each well to up to 3000 metres over 30-35 days. At the 782-sq km CB-ONN-2010/1 (Banaskantha) eight wells will be drilled at Rampura, Savpura, Kalyanpura, Chandarva, Vav, Sapreda, Dhima and Tithgam in the Vav area and another two wells at Kotarwada and Paldi villages in Deodar.

At the 39-sq km CB-ONN-2010/6 Gandhinagar block six wells will be drilled at Nardipur, Nava, Dhendhu, Nadri and Vagosan villages and one well at Parbatpura in the Mansa area. At the 120-sq km CB-ONN-2010/9 Ahmedabad block, ONGC will drill five wells at Juwal, Khicha, Daran and Goraj in the Sanand area.

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