Talukdar's possible second extension

Vol 18, PW 14 (12 Mar 15) News in Brief

Expect popular DGH boss BN Talukdar to secure another six-month extension, speculate his colleagues at the DGH.

Nothing is being done to find a replacement, they say, even though he is scheduled to step down on June 30, 2015 after winning an unprecedented extension for six months from December 2014 when he was meant to retire - the first time a DGH chief has won a post-retirement extension. “Oil secretary Saurabh Chandra likes him,” says a DGH source.

"Chandra will stay at the ministry till April 30 and if Chandra doesn’t set up a search committee by then the new secretary who replaces him will struggle to hire a new DG in one month. He will have no option but to grant him another extension.

" If the ministry wants a new DG it should have advertised for the post by now, we are told. Talukdar, previously Oil India director exploration, is on good terms with everyone at the ministry and by those who work with him at the DGH, we hear.