ONGC gets 4 bids in C-26 pipeline tender

Vol 18, PW 13 (26 Feb 15) News in Brief

ONGC has received four bids for its re-tendered C-26 pipeline project off Mumbai.

On February 20 bids were received from L&T (39.52%) with TL Offshore (60.48%); Valentine Maritime (84.29%) with Supreme Offshore (15.71%); Swiber Singapore (100%); and Megha Engineering (9.54%) with Essar Oilfield (90.46%). Still unclear is when ONGC will open price bids.

Sources tell us Megha and Essar have no chance as they don’t have barges. But the other consortia are well matched.

Many are surprised by the absence of Leighton, a regular bidder for ONGC pipeline projects. ONGC wants 11.4-km of subsea pipelines connecting the C-26, B-12-1 and C-23 fields to carry ‘well fluids’; 37-km of 20-inch diameter pipeline to carry gas from the C-24P1 platform to the TCPP platform (taken from PMT); 3.3-km of 12-inch diameter pipeline for water injection in the Neelam and Heera fields; and 15-km of 16-inch diameter pipeline to carry gas and fluids in the Bassein and its Satellite fields.

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