All the best people are leaving Gujarat Gas

Vol 18, PW 7 (20 Nov 14) People & Policy

Say what you like about BG but the work culture at Gujarat Gas has deteriorated since it left, leading staff to exit in droves.

An industry source says 40-50 middle to top level managers have left Gujarat Gas since June 2013 when GSPC completed its acquisition of BG’s 65.12% stake. “Gujarat Gas was a professionally run company,” says a stock market analyst.

“But now it is a government-run company and the difference is there for everyone to see.” He says under BG the company website was updated daily.

But since GSPC’s takeover the website has not been updated for over a year and still displays the July-September 2013 quarterly results announced by Sugata Sircar, the last managing director from BG. Since May 2014, there has been almost one resignation a week at Gujarat Gas with HR director Chirag Brahmbhatt’s exit on October 23 the latest.

Others who left include GM finance Kuntal Mehta, CNG head Sanjay Pandita, head of customer care MI Vakharwala, IT head Kishore Hirani, and Major (Rtd) Leo Joseph, head of administration and facilities. A source who worked for BG says the problem is a clash of cultures.

During BG’s time even the MD Shaleen Sharma was called by his first name. Now middle level government officers coming in to the company expect to be called ‘Sir’, a major change for the professionals at Gujarat Gas.