Expect more offshore tenders from ONGC

Vol 17, PW 23 (03 Jul 14) Exploration & Production

ONGC is continuing its refurbishment of facilities and pipelines off Mumbai with at least three major construction and/or repair tenders expected shortly.

First will be the Pipeline Replacement-IV (PRP-IV) project with the Notice Inviting Tender expected in the first week of July, most likely July 4. ONGC’s internal cost estimate is $480.52m for the replacement of 35 subsea pipeline segments adding up to 236.35-km as well as repairs and modifications to 59 platforms.

If ONGC keeps to schedule, the contract will be awarded on November 3 for completion by May 15, 2017. Next ONGC will issue a tender to construct living quarters for 200 workers on a new jacket at the offshore NQ platform complex at Mumbai High.

Work will include upgrading the NQ complex. Together the jobs are estimated to be worth $339.9m.

Still unclear is when ONGC will issue the tender but it hired Shell India in April to carry out a “peer study” to see if the project is within accepted industry standards. Shell completed the study in May and handed over a draft report to ONGC on June 6.

“We're awaiting the final report,” says ONGC. “Then we'll issue the tender.

” Finally ONGC is preparing a tender to repair helicopter landing decks (helidecks) at 31 unmanned Mumbai High wellhead platforms.