Vol 17, PW 5 (03 Oct 13) News in Brief

Dolphin Geophysical has reacted sharply to allegations it is behind a smear campaign against three rival seismic companies interested in a 3D broadband tender from ONGC, reported in our last edition, 'ONGC denies bias in 3D broadband tender'.

"I wish to protest in the strongest possible terms on the publication of the above article on your website," writes Phil Suter, VP Market & Sales. "Dolphin is completely unaware of the source of the "unsigned, anonymous letter" that was allegedly sent to ONGC and I can confirm that, whatever its contents, the letter did not originate from Dolphin, one of Dolphin's employees or one of our business agents.

The tone of the article clearly identifies Dolphin and could have a negative effect on our market in India and consequently, in the strongest possible terms, we wish to disassociate ourselves from this communication and your article."