GSPL authorisation

Vol 15, PW 18 (22 Mar 12) News in Brief

If you have objections to Gujarat State Petronet’s (GSPL) state-wide gas grid, better get them to the Petroleum & Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB) by March 30.

State-owned GSPC group company GSPL of course will be hoping you don’t, as it’s been waiting patiently since June 20, 2009 for the gas regulator to authorise its gas grid. Luckily, GSPL’s long wait is finally over.

On March 1, the PNGRB issued a fresh public notice stating that the Gujarat gas grid’s total pipeline length stands at 2366.43-km, and seeking comments and objections. This is the first major step towards PNGRB authorisation.

Constructed by BSE-listed GSPL, Gujarat’s gas pipeline network divides into 75 different sections and has a total gas carrying capacity of 30.46m cm/d. Pipeline diameters range from 6-inches to 30-inches and the grid can handle a maximum pressure of 98-bar.

When GSPL first applied for authorisation in 2009, the length of its grid was only 1120.08-km, but this has doubled over the past 33 months.