Gas to Gujarat factories is 79% of all PNG sales

Vol 15, PW 12 (15 Dec 11) People & Policy

Despite its dependence on costly R-LNG, fast-industrialising Gujarat has overtaken the capital New Delhi with the most CNG stations in India.

Oil ministry figures published this month show Gujarat tops the league table of retail gas penetration in India with not only the highest number of CNG stations, but also the highest number of factories, commercial establishments and homes running on piped gas. “Of India’s 28 states,” says a source, “only eight have CGD infrastructure.

” Maharashtra comes third with 164 CNG stations. But unlike Gujarat, where nearly 200 cities and towns across the state are served by gas retail networks, a large part of northern, central, eastern and southern parts of Maharashtra are still without gas.

In Maharashtra, CNG stations are to be found in Mumbai and Pune only. In Mumbai, BG-GAIL joint venture Mahanagar Gas operates 149 stations with the remaining 15 in Pune.

Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populous state, has a network of 28 stations, mostly in the western corridor while in southern India the CGD picture is dismal, with just 14 stations in Andhra Pradesh. In Madhya Pradesh, GAIL-HPCL joint venture Aavantika Gas operates 11 stations in Indore and Ujjain.

Haryana near Delhi comes next with six stations while the tiny north-eastern state of Tripura has just two. In Gujarat factories and industrial consumers have the biggest appetite for gas, accounting for 79% of industrial PNG sales across India.

Retail Gas Penetration across India (1 Nov 2011) State CNG stations Factories Commercial Households Gujarat 258 3130 9901 770,000 New Delhi 239 141 551 246,000 Maharashtra 164 44 1335 531,000 Uttar Pradesh 28 208 22 874 Andhra Pradesh 14 0 0 732 Madhya Pradesh 11 23 0 26 Haryana 6 11 22 2585 Tripura 2 36 169 0 Assam 0 354 689 23,162 All-India Total 722 3947 12,689 1,574,379