Cairn rig contract

Vol 15, PW 12 (15 Dec 11) News in Brief

Christmas is meant to be the season to be jolly but try telling that to drilling contractors competing for a Cairn India land rig contract.

“Very soon, most of the expatriate staff working at Cairn India will head off to their native countries for the Christmas holidays,” says a worried driller. “I hope they hire a rig before then.

Otherwise, we’ll be forced to wait even longer. Cairn began the tender process way back in September!” Cairn, he adds, wants to hire a 1000-hp rig to drill up to 84 development wells over three years at its RJ-ON-90/1 oil-producing block in Rajasthan.

It must award the contract by end-December if it wants the rig mobilised by March 2012. But Cairn is still evaluating the technical bids submitted in October by Quippo Oil & Gas, John Energy, Essar Oilfield Services and Weatherford.

“Cairn keeps raising technical queries,” we hear. Mangala, Bhagyam and other fields at RJ-ON-90/1 are producing about 150,000 b/d but Cairn hopes to ramp up to 250,000 b/d.