NELP-VIII delay till after elections

Vol 12, PW 21 (26 Mar 09) News in Brief

Anxious DGH officials looking forward to overseas trips to beat the searing Delhi heat from next month will have to wait a little longer! PETROWATCH learns NELP-VIII is on hold as India prepares for national elections between April 16 and May 13, which could see the removal of the Congress-led government in Delhi.

On March 23, the country’s Election Commission flatly turned down a written request from the oil ministry to launch NELP-VIII in April. “They (the Election Commission) asked them (the oil ministry) what’s the hurryâ€‌ reports a source.

“Why can’t it wait for two months till the elections are overâ€‌ Up to 50 exploration blocks are believed to be ready to be showcased during international roadshows, which typically take place in London, Houston, Calgary and Singapore. During national elections the country’s Election Commission effectively runs the country, telling politicians and bureaucrats what they can and can’t do to through a Model Code of Conduct.