OVL director finance i/v next week

Vol 11, PW 25 (01 May 08) News in Brief

Re-scheduled interviews to select the new director finance at ONGC Videsh will be held from May 5 to May 7.

“Most people within OVL believe Subhash Kumar will win,â€‌ reports a source. “If he wins it will stir a lot of resentment because he is young and junior.

Many senior people are eligible for this post before him.â€‌ Kumar is CFO of OVL’s office in Colombia, where it has stakes in one onshore and three offshore blocks.

“Kumar is Butola’s â€کblue-eyed boy’,â€‌ adds another source. “He has Butola’s support and Butola’s opinion matters because whoever is selected will have to work with him.

â€‌ Another promising internal candidate is R. Venkatesan, who has been holding temporary charge of OVL’s finance department since DK Sarraf left last December.

Oil India’s NK Aggarwal is the most prominent â€کexternal’ candidate to apply, but has been told privately that Kumar will win. Interviews will begin at 10.30am in Delhi.

An â€کunprecedented’ 71 shortlisted candidates will appear for interview.