A new 675-MW power plant for Gujarat

Vol 4, PW 21 (22 Nov 00) Midstream & Downstream

Opportunity beckons for anyone interested in selling LNG to the Surat Electricity Company in Gujarat, which is planning a "Greenfield" 675-MW combined cycle power project at a site near Surat.

In India there is a difference between proposals that never materialise (plenty) and those with a solid foundation (few). At first sight this project falls in the latter category.

Petrowatch has seen a copy of "Resolution No 23/304" dated 26th September from the Gujarat Electricity Board, which grants the Torrent-controlled Surat Electricity Company a 'No Objection Certificate' under Section 44 of the 'Electricity (Supply) Act, 1948'. This report has also seen an internal Gujarat government 'Note' which suggests that the project will be "based on LNG as the main fuel," and has the local government's full support.

"The recent power crisis in the state clearly indicates a significant gap in the demand and supply position," reads the 'Note', "The state government at various meetings of the Empowered Committee has been vigorously pursuing with the Surat Electricity Company to expedite the erection of the power project." With support like this, it seems unlikely there will be many obstacles as Surat Electricity Company attempts to secure remaining approvals under sections 28, 29 and 30. Details Unit of measurement Quantity Installed Capacity MW 675 Estimated Project Cost Rs crore (US dollars @Rs46/$1) 2,700 ($594m) Levelised Tariff Rs/KWh 2.81 Schedule of commissioning of Combined Cycle Operation March, 2004 Fuel LNG