Disputed Hazira-Mora pipeline begins operation

Vol 4, PW 22 (16 Dec 00) Midstream & Downstream

Niko's claim to part of the 16-km pipeline from Hazira to Mora has not deterred Gujarat Petroleum from claiming it as its own, despite an ownership dispute underway in the Delhi High Court.

A circular issued in late November by Gujarat Petroleum managing director Sanjay Gupta makes that perfectly clear. "We are pleased to announce that our 36-inch, 14-km Hazira to Mora pipeline has been commissioned and we have initiated transportation services to our shippers in the Hazira region as per the Gas Transportation Agreement," writes Gupta, "The pipeline has attained mechanical completion and had been pre-commissioned in the first week of August this year.

Upon supply of gas by our shipper, Essar Power and Essar Steel, transportation services began on 23rd November, 2000." For Gujarat Petroleum, ownership of the pipeline by its subsidiary, Gujarat State Petronet, is not negotiable. "As this pipeline section is the first section of the gas grid project, with the commissioning of it, Gujarat State Petronet has started its commercial operations," adds Gupta, "We are pleased to inform you about the commissioning as this is a milestone achievement by the company.

The same shall definitely bring the required confidence for the mega plans ahead for the company. Gujarat State Petronet has been successfully operating the pipeline since 23rd November." The circular is entitled: "Commissioning of 36-inch, 14-km Hazira-Mora pipeline."