Slow but steady construction at Dahej LNG terminal

Vol 5, PW 24 (30 Jan 02) Midstream & Downstream

CONSTRUCTION WORK at Dahej is proceeding apace, with 2,500 workers on site.

But Petronet-LNG admits that actual progress of work to December is only 19.6% against a target of 26.4%. We learn that engineering, procurement and construction delays are behind project slippages.

So too are delays in placing orders for some of the long lead items. Some bright spots: annular base slabs for both LNG tanks have been completed.

As for mechanical work, bending of 888 H-beams out of 912 have been completed and "all anchor rods for secondary embedded plate (are) completed." More, we learn that the construction of a boundary wall is complete and barbed wire fencing is now being fixed. Now for the jetty: Fabrication of 73 out of 536 piles for the jetty have been completed Forty eight piles driven for approach testle Eleven out of 147 pre-cast capping beams complete And what of the shipping Of 145 plans and drawings received for the LNG tankers, comments on 122 have been sent and the rest are being reviewed.

Daewoo Shipbuilding is still on track to deliver the first ship on 16th December 2003 and the second one the same day a year later. And the gas supplier RasGas will soon begin due diligence to make up its mind on whether to acquire 10% of Petronet LNG.