More details about Reliance gas discovery

Vol 6, PW 18 (06 Nov 02) Exploration & Production

IF RELIANCE WANTS to be taken seriously as an international oil company it should start acting like one.

To begin with it would be well advised to shed its visceral hostility to the media and begin releasing information on a more consistent and professional basis, like other oil companies. It's ironic that Niko, its non-operating partner, released more detail about this discovery than Reliance, the operator! Yet even Niko doesn't reveal all.

Missing are crucial flow rates, the composition of the gas, and a precise location of the wells. "Reliance needs to make a presentation," a BP source tells us.

"We need a lot more details before assessing this discovery." Luckily PETROWATCH has more information. We learn for example that gas flowed at 39.4m cf/d through an 80/64-inch choke in well Dhirubhai-1 and 29.6m cf/d through a 48/64-inch choke in well Dhirubhai-3 during production tests carried out in intervals of between 2,043 metres to 2,088 metres at Dhirubhai-1 and between 1,953 metres to 1,972 metres at Dhirubhai-3.

We also understand that gas columns were encountered between depths of 1,200 metres and 1,800 metres in, "very thick sand bodies of Miocene-Oligocene sequences." Some six to seven sands with a thickness ranging from 80 to 100 metres yielded the finds. A source tells us that DeGolyer & McNaughton is "still studying the test results" and the reserves figures of 7tcf in place and 5tcf recoverable are based on "preliminary estimates" from three wells.