OVL to spend $105m at Thar Jath field in Sudan

Vol 8, PW 12 (08 Sep 04) Exploration & Production

One piece of good news for the Petronas-led consortium that includes OVL came on 3rd July when Sudanese authorities approved a separate Field Development Plan for 5A.

The partners plan to invest $381m in developing the highly prospective Thar Jath field of which OVLs share is $105m. Petronas and Sudapet warn that costs are likely to go up as orders for supplies and contractors are yet to placed.

So far, 18 prospects and 64 leads have been identified at the 20,000-sq km block 5A from 38% of the area that has been surveyed till date. Some 28 wells are envisaged: 14 vertical and 14 horizontal.

The vertical wells will be drilled in the Arabeiba and Bentiu reservoirs while the horizontal wells are planned for Bentiu sands in the Thar Jath field. Petronas expects total recoverable reserves to be at 127m barrels with a peak production rate of 50,000 b/d.

Plateau production will remain for a period of 4-5 years within a range of 30,000 to 40,000 b/d. First oil from Thar Jath is targeted for the end of March 2006, reads the FDP.

The development plan will see the installation of surface facilities such as gathering systems, inter-field trunk lines connecting to the fields central processing facility and a 172-km export pipeline to the Heglig oilfield. The consortium plans to evacuate oil from the Thar Jath field through the Greater Nile Oil Pipeline (GNOP) through the 40% of the pipelines capacity that is reserved for third party access.

Lundin Petroleum discovered the Thar Jath discovery in May 1999 with its TJ-1 well. Appraisal wells TJ-2, 3, 3A, 4, 5 and 6 have confirmed the southern and western extensions of the reservoirs, reads the FDP.

In place oil at 5A is estimated at 1142m barrels in Bentiu and overlying Arabedia reservoirs in depths between 1100m and 1350m. The Bentiu sands contain about 75% of the total oil in place.

The oil is viscous and has low gravity range from 15.4 to 23.8 API.