West coast focus at ONGC for offshore drilling

Vol 19, PW 26 (08 Sep 16) Exploration & Production

India's western offshore is buzzing with increased ONGC drilling activity this year as it tries to capitalise on low rig prices to raise production.

PETROWATCH learns ONGC has finalised its revised drilling plan for the financial year beginning April 1, 2016 ending March 31, 2017 - approved by senior management in July. This year's target for Mumbai High is to see 38 development wells and 21 sidetracks drilled and 24 old wells worked over.

Compare this to the previous year 2015-16 when ONGC only drilled 21 development and 18 sidetrack wells and worked over 63 Mumbai High wells. At the Neelam and Heera fields, this year 15 development wells will be drilled against nine last year; 24 old wells will be sidetracked against 33 last year and two wells will be worked over against seven last year.

At the Bassein and associated satellite fields 27 development wells are planned against 12 drilled in 2015-16. Three wells will be sidetracked - the same as last year - and 20 old wells will be worked over, up from 17 last year.

ONGC is also planning 26 exploration wells in the western offshore at the D-1 Mumbai High North and South, Gujarat-Kutch, C-1, B-12, B-192, B-147 and B-149 fields in water depths of around 80 metres to between 3000-3500 metres TD.