Oilex drilling record

Vol 15, PW 3 (11 Aug 11) News in Brief

Australian operator Oilex claims it set a new industry record last month by drilling India’s ‘longest’ horizontal well.

PETROWATCH learns Oilex spud well Cambay 76-H on June 8 at its onland Cambay field where it partners GSPC, using 2000-hp rig Black Pearl hired from Dubai-based Black Pearl Services. This well was drilled to a ‘measured depth’ of 2740 metres to test the Eocene Pay-IV ‘tight gas reservoir’ and was completed on July 31.

“Drilling was mostly incident free,” says a company source. “But we did have a few technical problems with the rig.

” Well Cambay 76-H ‘deviates’ at an angle of 90 degrees from the ‘reservoir section,’ which begins at a depth of 1960 metres. Oilex began an eight-stage $16m ‘frakking’ operation at the well on August 2, using 300,000 pounds (136,077-kg) of sand/stage.

‘Frakking’ is likely to take a week after which the well will be cleaned for 10 days, followed by a month of ‘extended production testing.’ Gas production should begin soon after.